Our Faculty

Jill Collins

Education: Jill Collins received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Health K-12 and her Master Degree in Education with a concentration in Biology from Averett University.  She also received her Educational Leadership Certificate from James Madison University.

During her teaching career she has taught STEM summer camps, special education, physical education, and life science.  
Email: jill.collins@pcs.k12.va.us
Interest Profile: To prepare for the STEM Academy she has furthered her teaching experience by attending and presenting at various workshops. Her teaching style includes inquiry and problem based lessons, while emphasizing on the use of technology with hands on activities.
Career Highlights:
  • PCS STEM Academy Planning Committee
  • Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement Coach through William & Mary and VT                
  • VDOE Eighth Grade Science Standard of Learning Committees                
  • 2014 Air Force Association STEM Educator of the Year

Mr. David Potts
Education: David Potts received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology/Bachelor of Science in Science Education from NC State University.  He brings to STEM 25 years of teaching experience:

2002-2020 Tunstall High School
1995-2002 Apex High (Apex, North Carolina)
Mr. Potts has taught taught Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Earth Science.  He also teaches at the Piedmont Summer Regional Governor's School for Gifted Students.

He is a strong believer in hands-on learning & the use of innovative technology.

Email: David.Potts@pcs.k12.va.us
Interest Profile:
  • Coached High School Football for 25 years
  • Coached Track and Quiz Bowl
  • Served as Varsity Head Coach at Tunstall High School 2014-2018
  • An avid reader and comic book collector
  • A sports enthusiast
  • He and his wife Emily of 23 years have a son named Slade and a daughter named Piper. 
  • The family has four cats.
  • Originally from Laurinburg, NC – Home of the Fighting Scots! 
Career Highlights:
  • 2019 Tunstall High School Teacher of the Year
  • National Board Certified Teacher
  • National Merit Scholar
  • ACT Certified Educator
  • ACT Steering Committee (State of VA)

Olivia McCraw

Olivia McCraw graduated with honors from Tunstall High School and Piedmont Governor’s School in 2012. Ms. McCraw began teaching in 2015 at Tunstall High School. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Entomology, her Master of Arts in Education with a
concentration in Curriculum and Instruction, and her Education Specialist in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech. She will complete her Master of Science in Biological Sciences from Clemson University in December of 2020. During her teaching career she has had the privilege to teach the life sciences.

Email: Olivia.McCraw@pcs.k12.va.us
Interest Profile:

Ms. McCraw endeavors to be a lifelong learner. She will begin working on her Doctor of Education during the spring 2021 semester. To prepare for the STEM Academy she has furthered her teaching experience by training in a medical laboratory, attending various workshops, and by teaching STEM summer camps. Her teaching style involves guided inquiry-based learning and encourages problem-solving skills through the use of hands-on learning and innovative technology. 

Career Highlights:
  • AP Biology Exam Reader
  • VDOE Biology Standard of Learning Committee