Our Faculty

Mrs. Jill Collins STEM

Education: Jill Collins received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Health K-12 and her Master Degree in Education with a concentration in Biology from Averett University.
During her teaching career she has taught STEM summer camps, special education, physical education, and life science.  
Email: jill.collins@pcs.k12.va.us
Interest Profile: To prepare for the STEM Academy she has furthered her teaching experience by attending and presenting at various workshops. Her teaching style includes inquiry and problem based lessons, while emphasizing on the use of technology with hands on activities.
Career Highlights:
  • PCS STEM Academy Planning Committee
  • Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement Coach through William & Mary and VT                
  • VDOE Eighth Grade Science Standard of Learning Committees                
  • 2014 Air Force Association STEM Educator of the Year

Malinda Parson-Daniel of STEM
Malinda Parsons-Daniel

Education: Malinda Parsons-Daniel received her Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to teaching at the STEM Academy, Mrs. Daniel also teaches lab science to adults though JSRCC at the DCC campus.
Email: malinda.parsons-daniel@pcs.k12.va.us
Interest Profile: Mrs. Daniel enjoys teaching all ages and believes that learning is cultivated by a hands on approach. She encourages students to ask questions and find answers by trail and error. Mrs. Daniel likes to be creative and enjoys various arts and crafts.